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DEKEMA AUSTROMAT™ 654 Porcelain Furnace - Firing & Flexible Pressing

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AUSTROMAT 654 press-i-dent
This working horse is equipped with the innovative, controlled, electromechanical upwards-pressing propulsion. It opens the mind of the dental
technician to a new world of unique pressing possibilities. Multicolor multi
ingot pressings supply efficiency you not even dreamed of. And still it is
equipped with a closed firing chamber. No hole on top, no cold spots,
delivering the homogeneous temperature distribution, needed to perfectly
fire every layered dental restoration.

Pressing several colors with multiple plungers in one ring; Press without vacuum, Quick cooling
steps during pressing; firing high and low fusion dental ceramics towards highest customer
satisfaction. Only one furnace unites these properties: The AUSTROMAT 654 press-i-dent.
Ensured by the closed thermal insulation system, absolutely unique for pressing furnaces.
And made possible through its further developed, further optimized upwards-pressing
propulsion, which has been invented especially for furnaces of the press-i-dent kind. Epic in
precision and accuracy.
Operation, user guidance or editor, are identical to the AUSTROMAT 624/644. And surely
functionality has even been extended. You feel immediately at home. No matter, whether you
want to operate the furnace through his large, high resolution touch screen, or, as an option,
remotely through the ne


Combi-porcelain furnace for firing and flexible pressing
Complete with pump, 1 x firing and 1 x pressing table,
silver wire test calibration, tweezers
optional: software-package, trixpressTM
Aluminum frame, silver anodized

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